Rhinoplasty which is sometimes referred to as nose reshaping or a nose job is a plastic surgery operation that is done to change the shape of your nose. Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed worldwide. When performed by a professional cosmetic surgeon with the necessary skills, a rhinoplasty can lead to the improvement of and the balance of the facial features which can help patients discover new personal confidence.

There are specific candidates that might be ideal for nose reshaping their nose and they include;

  • An individual who feels that his or her nose is too large compared to the other facial features.
  • When an individual feels that they have a wide nose.
  • When there is a bump on the bridge of an individual’s nose.
  • Have a tip that may protrude, enlarged or that droops.
  • Among many more reasons that an individual may have.

So if you are considering undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure, it is wise to consider the costs that you might incur, and other implications that may come with caring out a Rhinoplasty.

What is the cost of getting rhinoplasty?

Since every rhinoplasty patient differs, the cost of rhinoplasty will differ depending on the numerous factors that make each patient unique. There are many considerations that determine the final cost of this procedure and thy may include;

Plastic surgeons experience

Typically, a doctor who has a reputation and a lot of experience charges more for their services and the patients too are willing to pay more since they are likely to get better results.

The surgical facilities

If a surgeon is not using their own equipment, and instead they use those of an ambulatory surgical center, normally these facilities will charge separate fees which will depend on the equipment used, the reputation of the center and the location of the center. At the same time, the patient might be willing to pay more so as to enjoy comfort and have safety as they undergo a procedure.


Geographical location can determine the cost of a procedure just like any goods and services, cost of rhinoplasty is higher in urban centers than in the suburbs.


According to the doctor’s recommendations, rhinoplasty might be carried out either under IV sedation or general anesthesia, since this may have effects on the cost of the treatment. Just like surgeons, anestheologists charge additional costs according to their experience and reputation.

Care given during recovery

After rhinoplasty session, patients need medications and follow up cares which may have a major impact on the cost of treatment. It is important to remember that most of these fees such as the facility costs, post-operative care, and anesthesia fees are not normally included in the estimate done initially. Therefore it is important to inquire about these costs and other related fees. Since rhinoplasty is carried out specifically for cosmetic purposes, it is not covered by most insurances in most cases however if the procedure is carried out for medical reasons such as to help correct berating issues, a doctor might help a patient determine if they are eligible for insurance which will help in cutting down costs.